USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit

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USA Filtration Systems Drinking Water Filtration system will replace the faucet-mounted water filter, counter-top system as well as the pitcher filtration system. Get Safe and Great Tasting Drinking Water Remove Lead, Chlorine, Cyst, and more from your drinking water. Our system can be installed under the sink to the existing plumbing, or can be hooked up to your refrigerator. All parts are included and the system can be easily installed in about 25 minutes. No need to call the plumber.

USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit made in the USA and assembled in Michigan includes:

Water filter housing, made in California

Superior water filter cartridge that will remove lead, dirt, rust, chlorine, cysts, cryptosporidium, giardia, and many other contaminants, that is manufactured in Idaho

The unbreakable Superb Wrench that is 50% larger for ease of removing the filter, made in Michigan

Metal mounting bracket, made in Michigan

Tubing, made in Michigan

Compression fittings, made in New York


Uses Replacement Filter OMB478

Flow Rate: 2 gpm

Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron

Filter Dimentions: 2.5″ x 4.75″

Chlorine Reduction: > 95% for 5000 Gallons

Lead Removal: > 99.3%

Cyst, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Reduction: > 99.99%

Carbon Type: Carbon Block Coconut Shell

Note: We have replaced the clear housing with the opaque blue model due to the growth of algae that often occurs when the clear model is installed outdoors, in the sun, or in direct artificial light.

 Comparison Table between USA Filtration Systems vs. big box retailers and hardware stores




Source of Mercury
Mercury (Hg) is one of the least abundant elements in the earth's crust. It exists in two forms, an inorganic salt or an organic compound (methyl mercury). Mercury detected in drinking water is of the inorganic type. Organic mercury inters the food chain through fish and comes primarily from industrial chemical manufacturing waste or from the leaching of coal ash. If inorganic mercury inters the body, it usually settles in the kidneys. Where as organic mercury attacks the central nervous system. The MCL (maximum contamination level) for mercury set by the US EPA is 0.002 mg/l.

Treatment of Mercury
Activated carbon filtration is very effective for the removal of mercury. Reverse osmosis will remove 95 - 97 00 of it.

Other contaminants
Borate (Boron)
Bromine (Bromide)
Carbon Tetrachloride
Giardia Lamblia

Water treatment technologies that have been implemented, tested to show they are capable of removing PFAS from drinking water in your home - include Activated Carbon, reverse osmasis and ammonium exchange treatment

More Information
Microns 0.5 micron
UPC 850841005289
Used To Treat Chlorine Removal, Cyst Removal, Dirt Filtration, Improves Taste, Lead Removal, Odor Removal, Rust Filtration
Model # drinking_water_system
Housing Style Standard
Housing Color Blue
Gallons Per Minute 2 gpm
Cartridge Filter Length 10 inch
Carbon Cartridge Filters block
Made in USA Yes
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