OMB478 1ML Lead Reduction Filter


The OMB478 1ML Lead Reduction Filter is ideal for use in both residential and commercial drinking water systems, as pre and post-RO filtration, water cooler filtration, whole house systems, and under sink drinking water filter systems.
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    The OMB478 1ML Lead Reduction Filter is a replacement filter for USA Filtration System – Drinking Water System. Get the great tasting and safe drinking water you want with this high-quality filter.

    OMB478 1ML Specifications

    • Micron Rating: 0.5 Micron
    • Flow Rate: 0.75 gpm
    • 2.5 inch x 4.875 inch
    • Chlorine Reduction: >95%
    • Lead Reduction: >90%
    • Cyst Reduction: >99.95%
    • Cryptosporidium Reduction: >99.95%
    • Giardia Reduction: >99.95%
    • NSF Component Certified


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