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Remove PFAS From Water Detroit

Remove PFAS From Water Detroit

It doesn’t have to cost your family a small fortune to remove PFAS from water in Detroit; our PFAS and lead removal filtration system will do the job efficiently and affordably when you investin one of our units. If you’re concerned about harmful PFAS in your drinking water and need a safe and effective way to ensure your household has access to great-tasting, clean water, check out our filtration systems online or contact one of our system experts by calling 248-707-6073.

Q: What are PFAS in my drinking water?

A: Perfluoroalkyl and Polyflroroalkyl Substances are the byproducts of manufacturing non-stick cookware, stain-resistant clothing & carpeting, and firefighting foam. PFAS end have been phased out of the manufacturing process by most industries, however they persist in the environment in our soil and water. Since PFAS are harmful to health, it’s essential to remove them from drinking water and soil that is used for growing food.

Q: Do home water systems remove PFAS?

A: Many do not, which is why it’s important that you specifically seek out a filtration system that lists PFAS as being substanced that are removed during the filtering process. USA Filtration Systems has a set-up that is very effective in removing PFAS.

Q: How much do your PFAS water filter systems cost?

A: Our efficient PFAS and lead removal systems include all hardware for an easy 30-minute installation and cost only $95. There’s no need to purchase an additional water faucet since our set-up is designed to hook up to your existing faucet. Replacement filters are affordable, as well.

Q: Will I need to hire a plumber to install your drinking water filter?

A: Our filtration systems can easily be installed by someone in your household without the added cost of calling in a plumber. If you need asssistance at any time during the install, simply reach out to USA Filtration Systems for over-the-phone advice.

Q: What are the health benefits of choosing a PFAS removal tap water filter?

A: Health studies have shown that PFAS can cause developmental problems, reproductive damage, and liver and kidney function issues, and negative immunological effects. Both PFOA and PFAS have caused tumors in animal studies, so it’s not a stretch to conclude that the same effects could be expected in human beings. Filtering out PFAS can significantly lower your risk for PFAS-related health concerns. At USA Filtration Systems, we make it easy to remove PFAS from water in Detroit.

Q: What makes your product the best water filtration system for my home?

A: Affordability, reliability, and quality make our set-up an exceptional chocie when you’re looking for a filter that will remove sediment, particles, chemicals, and other impurities from your family’s drinking water. You can have peace of mind that your water is safe to drink and tastes great. Feel free to reach out to USA Filtration Systems with any additional questions- we provide support before, during, and after your system purchase. Reach us at 248-707-6073 or shop our products online.

Remove PFAS From Water Detroit

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