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Orange County Under Sink PFAS Filter

Orange County Under Sink PFAS Filter

Nearly 300 water wells in any significant city have toxic chemicals that lead to cancer and other chronic illnesses. Districts are spending a fortune to build filtration systems that will reduce contamination and focus on distributing clean water all around the city. In the meantime, it is wise to concentrate on the kinds of water filter systems that will target the specific chemical, PFAS.

What is PFAS?

These chemicals result in serious human health issues and make matters worse by causing things like cancer, congenital disabilities, thyroid illnesses, impaired immunity, and many other complications. You can find PFOS in various industrial and consumer products, such as stain repellants, cookware, waterproof shoes, and food wrappers. These chemicals started making news in the 50s and have since attracted many measures to prevent their spread into the environment and human spaces.

Polyfluoroalkyl is more prevalent and dangerous in water systems and affects up to six million Americans at any given time. This family of chemicals is a dodgy topic and issue because it is not always easy to remove the contaminants via the standard water filtration system. We advise clients to use vigilant measures when removing PFAS using filters that use the right processes to remove the dirt.

Why the standard water filter will not remove PFAS

Generic filters do not have designs that remove bad tastes and contaminants like heavy metals. Many people in previous generations did not think much of using these simple filters because they allowed lead in their beauty products and used in paint and wallpaper arts. We are in a new age that is more conversant with the effects of PFAS and taking all the proper steps to reduce or remove all the toxic gunk. You do not want to fall victim to the kind of tomfoolery that still tolerates metal toxicity because you are not taking all the measures to prevent consumption using a better drinking water filter.

The Best water filtration system for PFAS

USA Filtration Systems has tested a lot of different filters to determine their effectiveness for all kinds of toxins. These winners all contained reverse osmosis or activated carbon filter style that improved the filtration process. We are confident with our specified PFAS filters and how they make a difference in achieving near-complete removal of all PFAS.

Activated carbon filters

These cartridges use a granular activated carbon filter to remove PFOS from all household water by absorbing the contaminants via the carbon filter. The activated carbon filter tends to be more effective because it removes minute granules. We suggest that you only use this filter to replace it regularly to maintain 100% efficiency.  

Reverse osmosis

The system is more thorough than the previous option and can filter water that passes through high pressure. Studies show that filters using this mechanism will remove up to 90% of all contaminants; hence it is best installed at the main entry point of the water system.

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