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Lead Pipe Home Water Filtration Detroit

Lead Pipe Home Water Filtration Detroit

Whether you are a homeowner or a property manager, you must know the dangers of lead in Detroit drinking water. When you want to ensure the water coming into your building or home is safe, you will want to look into your options for lead pipe home water filtration in Detroit.

What are the Dangers of Lead Piping in Household Plumbing?

Lead is a dangerous contaminant that might be lurking within your home’s plumbing network. Lead pipes are common in homes constructed before 1986, which can be a source of exposure for the people and pets within your household. Exposure to lead is not good for anyone, but it can prove to be especially harmful to pregnant women and young children. The EPA estimates that roughly 40 million people in the United States consume drinking water containing lead at excessive levels. For many, the highest source of exposure to lead comes from water piped into homes through lead pipes. The longer water sits in the pipes before going through the tap, the higher the lead level.

The Dangers of Lead

When looking up information about water filters, you will find information on the dangers of lead and your drinking water. While lead was always considered a useful element for building products, nobody really knew the dangers until the last few decades. This is actually a toxic metal that can be harmful when ingested at high levels. Even though many people understand the dangers involved with lead paint, many remain unaware of the lead piping that may run through the buildings they live in.

Lead can build up over the years, leading to damage of the kidneys, brain, red blood cells, and liver. Children exposed to lead may end up mentally and physically impaired, with some developing various developmental issues. While a healthy adult may be less susceptible to lead dangers, young children still growing may see a decline in mental and physical development.

How to Remove Lead from Water

One of the best ways to get rid of lead is with the help of lead pipe home water filtration in Detroit. Point-of-use, or POU water filters, connect to your fixtures and work to remove lead and other potentially harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Water filters for Detroit residents can also work to remove lead from the water even before it gets to the tap itself. It is all a matter of finding the right system that works for your household.

Are you concerned about the drinking water where you live? If so, we are here to help at USA Filtration Systems! We have been working to provide water filters for Detroit residents so that everyone can have access to safe, healthy drinking water. We can come out to your property to go over the lead levels found in your water, if any, and work with you on the best system to get you the results you are looking for.

Get in touch with us online or call (248) 707-6073 to learn more about the various products we have available at USA Filtration Systems. We can work with you to keep your drinking water safe when you need lead pipe home water filtration in Detroit.

Lead Pipe Home Water Filtration Detroit

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