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Flavored Water

Flavored Water Be careful when ordering flavored water because you don’t know if the enhancer used comes with artificial ingredients. For an all-natural water enhancer, use H2wOw. With its easy-to-use bottle and liquid form, you can bring it anywhere—to the gym, to a restaurant, to work, and even on your trips. Visit our website to order.  

Is it difficult to make your kids drink 8 cups of water a day? Don’t worry. Now you can make them drink water without forcing them—and no, it does not have to involve powdered sugary drinks. Heathy flavored water is becoming more and more popular these days. It’s a refreshing twist to bland and boring water. Here are some of the best ways to add some flavor into your drink better:
Drop in some fruits. Lemon and cucumber are the most popular options but you can always try strawberries and even add some herbs. This option can be a bit pricey, though—not to mention time consuming. 
Invest in water processes. If your kids don’t like drinking tap water, you might want to have your plumbing checked out or request for water softening.
Use water enhancers. By far the most cost-effective solution, water enhancers are easy to use and are affordable. 
H2wOw can give you fresh and all-natural flavored water any time. Our products come in 4 flavors and are packed in an easy-to-use squirt bottle. Your kids will definitely love the flavors. Let them have fun experimenting with it. Use H2w0w on treats like yogurt and ice cream. H2wOw only contains organic ingredients, so they are safe for everyone. Check out the FAQ here on this website, or use our contact form for any questions.

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