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Drinking Water Lead Filtering Flint

Drinking Water Lead Filtering Flint

Humans have been aware of the harmful effects of lead and its detrimental effects on the body for a long time. Several studies suggest that the Roman empire banned the use of lead in household items after observing its harmful effects on children.

Harmful effects of lead on the body

How does lead get into the body? A lot of products contain lead, such as cosmetic products and our water systems. The most common way of absorbing lead into the body is via unfiltered water from our household water system.

  • Lead competes with calcium and therefore causes a calcium deficiency which then leads to a couple of catastrophes.
  • Lead that deposits into the lungs and liver will stay there for a long time and seep into the bones, where it breaks down the bones
  • Pregnant women will experience birth deficiencies because lead is highly harmful to the fetus.
  • Excessive amounts of lead in the brain will affect the frontal cortex and cause a lot of damage to functions responsible for attention, planning, and abstract thoughts.
  • Young children will display neurological defects as they grow if they have considerate exposure to lead at a younger age.

Remember that lead toxicity is a lifelong problem that causes a lot of lifelong disabilities and behavioral complications, as well as biological damage on a molecular level. How can you remove the lead from your home?

Removing lead from water

An effective way of removing lead from water is to install a Flint drinking water filtration system that reduces the presence of contaminants. There are a lot of different kinds of water filtration systems, and only a few will remove the lead from all sections of your water system. We have all these different POU water filters and recommend you get a whole house filtration system.

It is also essential for you to choose a system with the proper filtration method, to remove as much lead as possible. Reverse osmosis and carbon filtration are some of the best filtration systems; hence be sure to read through our descriptions to find the right one. The specific benefits of the drinking water lead filtering flint include the following:

 How to remove lead from water

All our water filters for Flint residents remove lead from water, even in homes with extreme lead intoxication. In addition, it will also remove other kinds of metallic contaminants such as mercury.

Tastier water

Harmful sediments and impurities will permanently change the taste of the water because they interfere with the natural chemistry. You will enjoy drinking the water from the tap or using it for cooking, and other consumption needs because it will have a completely different taste and little to no impurities like germs.


Our filtering system also removes the pungent odor in the water because it eliminates chlorine and iron. This means you will have an easier time cleaning the smell off your fabrics, utensils, and surfaces.

Our water filtering solutions will significantly reduce the lead from the water with a cost-effective and fast process. We recommend looking through our site for more information about water filters, so you can make an order that suits your home.

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