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Under Sink PFAS Filter

Under Sink PFAS Filter

As you shop for an under sink PFAS filter for your kitchen sink, keep in mind that all systems are not created equal. If you need a way to remove harmful PFAS and lead from your family’s drinking water, you’ll discover USA Filtration Systems carries the perfect model for home or office use. Don’t invest in a water purifier system until you’re 100% certain that it removes all PFAS from your water- many do not. By choosing our household filtration kit, you’ll have peace of mind knowing what’s in your drinking water.

What Are PFAS?

Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances have been phased out by manufacturers because they harm the environment and cause many kinds of illness. Even though PFAS are no longer found in cookware and other products sold in stores, they’re still found in the air, water, and soil. To effectively remove PFAS from your drinking water, you need a quality filtration system designed exclusively to remove PFAS. Be diligent when searching for an under sink PFAS filter since many do not remove these harmful chemical residuals.

The Best Under Sink Water Filter Addresses PFAS

You may be concerned about your water containing chlorine, giardia, dirt, rust, and other contaminants. Rest assured, our under sink PFAS filter removes all of these and more- it’s not just a PFAS filter. Since these other contaminants also lead to health issues, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality filter that can leave your water as clean as possible. Our made in the USA using the highest quality materials, including carbon block coconut shell. You can read more about our product’s specs in the item description.

Affordable Under Sink Water Filtration System

You might expect to spend $300 - $400 for an under sink PFAS filter that removes as many contaminants as our product; however, ours is priced at just $145, a terrific bargain price for a filter that removes lead and PFOS, as well. Best of all, there’s no need for you to purchase a water faucet or hardware since our set-up is designed to hook up to your current kitchen faucet and comes complete with everything you need for a professional installation. You won’t have to hire a plumber, either- our PFAS filter is easy to self-install.

No More Countertop Filtration

Are you tired of using a small countertop model that filters only a few cups of water at a time? You may be spending a lot of time filing up your water pitcher filter to use for cooking or making coffee. Our model eliminates the constant worry over whether you’ve left your pitcher empty. Install our under sink PFAS filter and forget about it until it’s time to replace the filter. You’ll love how affordable our replacement filters are- check out our website for prices on filters and filtration systems.

Compare our filter equipment with other systems being sold online and give us a call at 248-707-6073 if you have questions or need assistance with product selection. When you invest in one of our water filters, you’ll soon be enjoying the best tasting water from your home or office faucet.

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