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USA Filtration Systems is dedicated to ensuring people have access to clean water. We offer the best filtration equipment at cost-effective prices!

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At USA Filtration Systems, our team is equipped and prepared to help you with all your water filter needs. We prioritize our customers and do our best to ensure they leave satisfied and with a good experience. After all, without our customers, we wouldn’t be here.

We believe that to maintain good health; people deserve reliable access to clean water. In that regard, we put in every effort to deliver a comprehensive range of water filtration services and products that are made in the USA to all our customers.

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Why Choose Us

USA Filtration Systems came together when the lead problem in Flint, Michigan became a national news story. The country needed a system that was affordable and easy to install. So, we came up with the idea to ditch the additional drinking water faucet and tap directly into the existing cold-water line.

In addition, installing the USA Filtration Systems on a home that has granite or quartz countertops no longer needs a costly additional hole drilled in their beautiful countertops.

The system is designed and engineered to fit all existing sinks and faucets. The filter housing and all the connection parts fit neatly under the counter and take up only a very small area under the sink attached to the cabinet wall.

The USA is very important to our company. That’s why it’s proudly part of our name. And you can be confident that all parts are made in the USA.

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Who We Are

Meet the team behind the USA Filtration Systems magic!

Sue – President of USA Filtration Systems

Sue has over 23 years’ experience in the water treatment field. As a Customer Service Representative and Technical Water Treatment Special Adviser, Sue specialized in helping each customer needs with speed and accuracy.

John – Engineer and Technical Service Advisor

John is the creator of the products in response to the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis. John felt compelled to respond do to his 40 years in the water industry to come up with a solution. Seeing the supplied hanging filters off faucets, John tackled the problem by placing the filters under the counter and attaching to the cold-water supply. In addition, he understood the many Flint residents could not afford expensive systems that were on the market at that time. John’s filtration system was the only available system of its kind in the USA at the time.

Tidge – Shipping and Receiving

Oversee all orders and ensure. Packed and shipped within 24 hours. She has 20 years’ experience.

Neal –

Technical Service with 22 years’ experience in the industry. You can count on having a tuff time stumping Neal with any water related questions.

In addition, we have many others that help us to be who we are! Thanks

Get in Touch

Got questions about our products? Let us know; send us a message. We’d be glad to help!

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